Sarah Duffy

If you want to know what it’s like to bungee jump, skydive, come face to face with a Cheetah, go jet boating, go on a submarine, fly in a helicopter, or climb glaciers in New Zealand or Canada, Sarah is the one to ask. Although, as all those things sound scary, she still thinks the #NoLimit ride at the Melbourne Show is her scariest experience ever.

Sarah has always had a passion for travel. Setting off on trips with her beloved Grandparents at the ripe old age of 4, she blames them for contracting incurable wanderlust. Sarah has lived in and travelled to some of the world’s most beautiful places within Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji, and more.

A former Snowboard Instructor that has done 10 snow seasons here in Australia and overseas. She has over a decade of experience within the media and entertainment industry and hold's two degrees, a Graduate Diploma - Commercial Radio Broadcasting and a Masters - Media & Communications.

Since childhood, she’s had a keen interest in sports. Being a bit of a tomboy worked out in her favour when she got to high school, as Outdoor Ed classes helped her get out of other classes so she could play soccer, tennis, basketball, go surfing, wake-boarding, hiking, snowboarding, or skiing. Being part of these activities also meant she got to travel around Victoria with her friends while having fun. Win-win really.

An avid runner, hiker, pilates, and yoga enthusiast she’s up early enjoying these activities to start the day. She also loves a fun run, although most people wouldn’t consider the words ‘fun’ ‘run’ should ever be put next to each other, with her keen interest in running she has enjoyed participating in and helping raise charitable funds for; Run For The Kids, Fred Hollows Foundation, The Mothers Day Classic, Run To The G, Run Melbourne, Relay For Life, and Woman's Fun Run to name a few. Sarah gives time to charity and causes close to her heart such as; The Royal Children's Hospital, Donate Life, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and supports the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

This former twenty-something who; writes, produces, presents, and voices for all things media, loves a good wine and cheese appreciation session, loves events, and also likes to navigate her way around the world using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars. If you’re looking for someone who thinks quickly on their feet, can handle severe weather conditions, loves high speeds, and whose work connects with a wide variety of demographics. Then Sarah is it.

If you’ve taken anything away from reading the above it should be that Sarah loves; food, travel, sport, events, and self-treating her acrophobia (fear of heights) with activities that suggest otherwise as a form of immersion therapy. P.S. none of them have worked, if anything it’s made it worse, but she’ll keep trying so she doesn’t miss out on living.

Sarah is a freelance presenter, EP & Content producer, voice-over artist, actress, writer, and event host/MC.

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