Often described as ‘the most organised person I know’ by family and friends, it’s no wonder that producing is a big part of Sarah’s career.

Being involved in a production from start to finish is exactly how Sarah loves to spend her workday. Every job Sarah has held in media and entertainment has come with elements of producing, and because of this, she has many skills in different types of producing.

From being a Digital Content Producer where she managed and created content on all 13 ACE Radio Network websites and social media channels. Commercial Producing where on an average day would write, voice, edit, and produce commercials to be played on radio stations across Victoria. Producing her own radio music show that she would present daily between 12-3pm at MIXXFM Horsham, and later would fill in on day music shifts between 9-3pm on TRFM when on-air colleagues were away. Executive Producer, copywriter, presenter, camerawomen, video and audio editor of all written, and video reports for Mt Buller’s website, and TV reports for SKY News Weather (No production crew, just her). Social Media Content Producer creating video, photo, and written content for social media channels for Mt Buller, Targa Australia, and ACE Radio. Executive Producer for The Rod & Biggzy Breakfast Show researching talk topics, booking interview talent, collating written/audio/video content, and occasionally presenting it too.

Researched, wrote, and produced articles for MCM & Authentic Entertainment for their online portal used by radio, news, and TV reports all around the world.

She’s produced TV segments for The Today Show, 7 News, Sunrise on 7, Yahoo 7, SKY News Weather, and Channel 9 News; covering Traffic Reports, Weather, and Snow Reports, Sport, Events, and Travel.

All the way through to designing this very website and creating all the content you see on it. She’s the Executive Producer of her freelance business that has been running for over a decade, which she has managed all while holding the above positions.