From scriptwriting, copywriting, to creative writing. If there are words to be arranged, researched, edited, or written Sarah has done it all.

For more than a decade Sarah has written for TV and Radio segments, real estate listings, telephone on-hold-messages or IVR’s, events, marketing and promotional material, corporate, informational, product, instructional, or educational videos, tv/radio/online commercials, websites, and social media.

The Today Show, Channel 7 News Weather, Prime 7, Sky News Weather, Sunrise on 7, Nine News, Channel 7 4:30pm News. Covering traffic, snow, weather, travel, lifestyle, sport, news, entertainment, and events.

ACE Radio, Mt Buller Snow Reports, Rod & Biggzy Breakfast Show, and Nayta & Kristie Breakfast Show. Covering traffic, snow, weather, travel, lifestyle, sport, news, promotions, entertainment, and events.

ACE Radio, Rod & Biggzy Breakfast Show, Yahoo7. Covering red carpets, movie premieres, celebrity, and entertainment news.

It’s not easy to make every property on the market sound different, it takes a special kind of creative writing to make each individual property stand out. With many years of experience in writing for real estate, Sarah has done scripts for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether you’re selling, promoting commercial properties in a relaunch after renovations or under new management, or pre-selling for a future project, Sarah will draw the right attention to your property.

Sarah has written hundreds of snow weather reports for Mt Buller’s website, Mt Buller’s video snow reports, Sky News Weather, 7 News, and Prime 7.

Daily Sarah would also have to write about the latest snow conditions for the Buller Report and an EDM snow report. Both reports were sent to thousands of people every day with; what ski runs were open or closed, activities to do on the mountain, important information, and of course what the weather conditions were going to be like.

How many ways can you say that it’s going to snow, rain, be sunny without it getting boring to hear or read?

“It's been touted as the strongest cold outbreak that we've seen so far this snow season. The polar blast coming up from Antarctica has come and delivered, how good is it! Snow forms when tiny ice crystals in clouds stick together to become snowflakes. And thank you Mother Nature for this ingenious idea that gives us mountains of pleasure. 20cm of fresh snow has fallen at Village level from the weeeeee hours of this morning, it's consistent at the moment and let's hope the tap doesn't turn off. Cross your fingers, toes, legs, and whatever else you can and hope that we'll be digging ourselves out of our lodges by the end of the weekend.”

“Much to my surprise walking to work this morning, Mother Nature is once again giving us some of the good stuff. Light snow flurries were floating and swirling around in the light breeze, it's foggy, so visibility is a little like the fussy analogue 'I've lost signal so here's the black and white ant races' side of things. I don't know about you but I kind of miss the analogue TV static, over a digital TV blank screen if the signal is lost. Kids of today are missing out BIG time. Today a top of 1 degree, fog should lift a little, but it will be a cloudy day overall, snow flurries are likely along with light winds. Tomorrow, get out your bikinis and boardshorts we have a top of 4 degrees coming for you and sunny skies, and the wind will pick up gradually throughout the day, becoming very windy in the evening. Friday, a high chance of snow and winds should ease. Saturday, partly cloudy/partly sunny and a Hawaii-like balmy feel of a top of 5 degrees.”

“Did you know that the biggest recorded snowflake in 1887, was 38cm wide and 20cm thick! My god, we could all jump on that thing and ride it down Summit like a sled. Wooweee. Okay, I'll settle down because technically it was only the size of a large dinner plate! Anyhow, another 12cm of foamy goodness out there today, 21 lifts spinning and powder stashes that are waiting to be hit up in the trees. Please take care if heading through the trees, a helmet is an absolute must. Lifties sure are getting their outdoor gym in action this weekend, their guns will be burning with muscly goodness ready to show off at the summer music festivals, they don’t need encouragement. It was chilly overnight, minus 6.6 in fact, today some lifts may have a late opening due to needing to be de-iced and having to dig them out, which means the snow is exceptionally good, and we all have patience for that, don't we!”

“We've had day after day of powtown, and it's been enjoyed immensely with woohooos, yeeeeeaaahhs, and maybe even a few excited expletives echoing from the valley. I've done many a season here at Mt Buller, and I think this is a first for this level of excitement. We don't need to be reminded of how hard June was, where Bourke Street resembled too many late nights at the HooHa and was not 100% match fit, but fast forward to now and it's like we've filmed Ep 1 Season 50 of Botched By Nature with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. They have done a superb job with our cosmetic surgery... It looks so natural! (that’s because it is) THEY are the best in the business if you can get an appointment. 19 lifts spinning today, lots of pow stashes still to be found, we want to see you on a scavenger hunt this week, so when you find your #MTBPowStash tag us in your best pics/vids #MtBuller”

“With multiple cold fronts passing through this week, it has to be expected that we’ll see liquid water that will form droplets that become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Shhhh otherwise known as rain. We don’t like to see that in the forecast but it does bring snow with it so we won’t complain.”

Marketing and promotional information, or scripts for MC/Hosts for sport, fun runs, awards ceremonies, conferences, festivals, expos, charity events, and more.

Online, Corporate, Informational, Promotional, Product, Instructional, or Educational videos for many clients and production companies around Australia and America.

Sarah has lost count of how many old-hold-messages (OHM) or IVR’s she has written and recorded over the last decade. If you want your customers to listen to something worthwhile while waiting for you to answer or to have them take instructions on how to get to the right department to sort their query quickly, Sarah can help in setting up an OHM or IVR message for your business.

Social media posts, promoted ads, or sponsored posts for Mt Buller, Targa Australia, ACE Radio Network, Mix106.3, Rod & Biggzy Breakfast Show, and Nayta & Kristie Breakfast Show.